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Lockout-Tagout LOTO image

All safety professionals have the goal of ensuring each employee goes home at the end of each workday.

The best step to ensure that each employee goes home unscathed is a rock-solid Lockout-Tagout program. The program must have 3 parts:
* Machine-specific Lockout-Tagout procedures
* Written corporate Lockout-Tagout policy
* Machine-specific training

MRW Solutions has over a decade's experience in creating machine-specific Lockout-Tagout programs.

Pre Start-Up Safety ReviewPSSR image

Each project or implementation needs to have a Pre Start-Up Safety Review (PSSR) to recognize problems before they occur.

Through diligent analysis of new or reconfigured processes, unintended consequences can be discovered before they cause accidents at the client site.

A PSSR needs to be done on a timely basis and with staff familiar with the client site and with industry best practices and principles.

MRW Solutions is well-versed at participating and running PSSRs. Use external experience for the next PSSR at your facility.

Job Safety AnalysisJSA

A Job Safety Analysis is the way to put your safety upgrades into action.

Each step of the machine operator's job is noted. The risks to the operator are noted, and each piece of machinery is rated on safety criteria, including risk to life and limb, existing safeguards, and machine operations with personnel. The additional safety measures are also taken into account, including required and recommended PPE.

After critiquing individual operator interaction with the machine, the Job Safety Analysis is used to the drive machine modifications to rectify any safety shortcomings.

The Job Safety Analysis is therefore the best way to attack safety issues on each machine.

Risk InventoryRisk Inventory Sample

Risk Inventory is the way to build upon JSA efforts, and to pin-point machines requiring safety upgrades.

The severity and frequency values of the JSA are input into the Risk Inventory, and machines are ranked from highest risk to lowest risk.

Safety professionals can use the Risk Inventory to determine which machines in which area need to be addressed. The report can show trends for unsafe operations, and give numeric-driven criteria for addressing those operations which fall outside the normal operations.

Risk Inventory is the best way to present a report of where the facility is, and to give focus for future safety efforts.

Third-Party Review

Often times, all that is needed to address safety issues is a fresh perspective.

MRW Solutions can provide insight into your safety program. Frequently a process or operation will be done a way "Because that is how it has always been done." And the risk due to that process will be tolerated.

A fresh perspective is what is needed to show the need for change.

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